When is the Best Time to Get a Rhinoplasty?


A rhinoplasty or a ‘nose job’ can completely transform the look of your face. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you can have it altered by a professional cosmetic surgeon. There is no longer a stigma surrounding plastic surgery, everyone from celebrities to your next-door neighbour has had some sort of work done and they aren’t afraid to admit it. If you are planning on going for a procedure, there are plenty of things to consider.

Are you the right candidate?

Before you have anything done, you will need to visit a specialist for a consultation. They’ll let you know what they can do to improve your appearance and they’ll carry out some important medical tests. Most of these tests are designed to check your general health, you should be in a good physical condition before you have surgery. Nose augmentation (known as เสริม จมูก in Thailand) is used to correct a number of problems, some of which include:

  • Altering a long nose
  • Improving the look of a short nose
  • Transforming the bridge
  • Changing the look of a box nose

An expert can carry out all kinds of amazing treatments from getting rid of bumps or imperfections to fixing a deviated septum. Some of these treatments don’t just enhance your appearance, they also improve your breathing.

Selecting the Right Time

It is always best to schedule your operation during a time when you have no other events or gatherings to attend. After your surgery, you’ll feel a little tired, so you’ll need a few days to rest and recuperate. Taking some time off work is a good idea, some people take it a step further by booking a medical trip abroad. Destinations such as Thailand are getting more and more popular for cosmetic surgery, you can stay a few extra days after the procedure and rest in one of their outstanding hotels. Having treatment which coincides with a holiday is definitely recommended, places like Thailand have first-class medical facilities and most of their doctors have been trained by some of the top institutes in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia.

Finding the Right Surgeon

It is vitally important to find a surgeon who has plenty of experience in nose augmentation. If you are looking abroad, online resources will help you to identify some of the best medical clinics for a rhinoplasty. If you cannot get recommendations from trusted friends or family, you should find review sites which are dedicated to plastic surgery and the doctors who perform these procedures. Once you’ve found a few good candidates, you can do some background checks to see what kind of qualifications each doctor holds and from what university. They should have a solid record and plenty of great references.

The prospect of having a new nose can be exciting, but you must not rush the entire procedure. There are plenty of things to consider before paying for a rhinoplasty. If you’ve a nasal defect or any other issues which is affecting your quality of life, then you should consider getting medical attention as quickly as possible.

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