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Clash Royale: The Basic Fundamentals Of This Game

How often have you been called as a ‘avid gamer’ by your friends or your parents for finding you remain hooked on tour mobile and playing Angry Birds or Temple Run? You might be and thinking what those games have in common with Clash Royale. Well, there is a bit of good news for the gaming aficionados. Supercell has yet again brought another mind-boggling game, named Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a new mobile strategy game released by the same developers of the very popular Clash of Clan game. Clash Royale Game a character card game based on the already existing Clash of Clan troops along with the new troops especially created for Clash Royale.

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The Game Objective:

The objective of this real-time multiplayer game is to collect “cards”, upgrade the cards of different powers and use them to attack the opponent players. These cards contain elements that are taken from the Clash of Clan universe.

Each player has 2 “Crown Towers” and 1 “King Tower” which they need to protect from their opponent. The cards have the power to destroy their opponents’ tower. So every player wants to have maximum number of cards with them. The winner of this game is the one who can destroy more towers than the other player in the stipulated time frame.

Knowing Your Clash Royale Game Cards

Thus, it’s very important to know about the various cards used in the Clash Royale Game. The cards are classified into three types: Common, Rare and Epic. The ‘common’ ones are the most effectively to be found and the least expensive. While the ‘rare cards’ can cost a little extra and are harder to discover. However, the most profitable ones are the ‘epic cards’, being difficult to come over them.

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What’s great about these cards, it is that while you contribute them to your ‘clan’ mates, you get remunerated. If you want you can also exchange the cards with the other members of your clan. In addition, you are also given ‘gold’ and ‘XP’, which helps you to level up, make your “Crown Tower” more grounded, to begin battles and to purchase cards once again.


The Pitfall & the Hacks

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No sooner, the game got a worldwide release it became a huge hit among millions of gamers, including the Clash of Clan players. But, the only downside of this Clash Royale Game is that the developers have set the game in such a way that the players need to rely on the gems for the games progress.

Keeping in mind the end goal of this game is to get the best cards, one need to spend a lot of cash on “gems”, and that is where the Clash Royale Hack and Cheats comes in, permitting players to get boundless Clash Royale Gems without spending a dollar.

So, gamers don’t worry about the gems at all. The hacking tools which are easily available online can help you in getting huge amount of gems. The gems will help in acquiring gold, chests, cards, and so on.

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