A complete review of Spectrum mobile features


If you are a resident of the US, you must have heard of Spectrum. Spectrum telecommunications is responsible for bringing Internet and cable TV to over 41 states in the nation of the US. However, Spectrum has started to move into the mobile phone territory as well by offering phone services to its customers. Currently, Spectrum mobile is only available through the existing customers of Spectrum. However, for those who are eligible to opt for the mobile phone options, Spectrum has some great deals. For example, you can avail yourself of the unlimited Internet plan as well as a new iPhone for only $61 every month.

Advantages of opting for Spectrum mobile plan

  • You will get unlimited data on your phone
  • It has a flexible gig option
  • Spectrum network coverage is fantastic.

Disadvantages of opting for Spectrum mobile plan

  • You must be an existing Spectrum customer.
  • The plan options are comparatively limited.

Why should you opt for Spectrum mobile services?

Unlimited data

Spectrum provides its customers with unlimited data plans. In a world where the Internet is dominating people, this is a good option. You can constantly stream through social media, play games on mobile, and use other streaming services without worrying about the data getting over. However, it is pretty expensive if you only opt for the Spectrum phone option. If you are already a Spectrum client, then you are in luck. The company offers a $45 unlimited data plan. It is also amongst one of the cheapest data plans. You can avail unlimited talk time and texts, unlimited data with no data caps, access to WiFi hotspots, free international calling and texting depending on the locations, and finally, mobile hotspot access.

Flexible by the gig option

If you just wish to pay for the data you use, you should go for this option. The by the gig plan can be availed for $14 per month. You will receive unlimited text and talk time and one gigabyte of data. After your one gigabyte of data gets over, you will have to pay another $14 to avail of one gigabyte of data again. If you only need 1 to 3 gigabytes of data every month, this option is for you. However, if you use more than 3 GB of data, you should go for the unlimited plan.

Network coverage

Spectrum telecommunications does not have its own specific cellular network. However, Spectrum uses the network and cell phone towers of Verizon Wireless to power its own mobile service. Therefore, the customers of Spectrum mobile do not have to worry about connectivity or coverage.

Decent perks

Most mobile virtual network providers reduce the perks for the plans. However, Spectrum offers some fantastic benefits to the customer speed. One of the best perks that the company offers is the mobile hotspot. The customers can avail up to 5 GB of mobile hotspot data in the case of Spectrum. Once you have availed up to 5 GB, the hotspot speeds will be reduced by Spectrum. Therefore, you won’t be able to download large files. Spectrum is also offering 5G coverage, 2000 minutes of free calling to Canada and Mexico, as well as free international texting.


The only problem with Spectrum is that these amazing plans are only available if you are already a Spectrum customer. You must be availing of the Internet plan to be eligible for the low-priced mobile data plans. Another issue is if you have an Internet and mobile plan and decide to cancel the Internet service but want to continue with the mobile service, your prices will increase by $20 every month. Your Wi-Fi speeds will also get reduced by 5 Mbps. Thus, if you do not like Spectrum Internet, you should also not go for the Spectrum mobile option.

Limited plans

In the case of the other mobile companies, there are many unlimited data plans. Unfortunately, Spectrum only offers two plans to its customers. These are the by the gig and unlimited plans. If any one of these plans is good for you, there is no problem. However, suppose you want a company that provides you with more options. In that case, you will have to look at other mobile service providers.

Spectrum also offers a mobile family plan for its customers. However, opting for this plan will not help you save your budget. The prime advantage of this plan is that it will add lines for the family members. However, it is cheaper than buying individual plans for each family member. You can also add your kids to the unlimited data plan, but you will have to pay an extra $90 for the same. This is exactly what you will be paying if you opt to buy your kids their own plans.

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