Understanding more before you start to vape


Are you planning to pick on vampire vape or Smok as your starter kit for vaping? They are known to be great e-cigarettes but it would be best if you understood the below information before you embark on using one.

You are likely going to cough at first

It is something which is quite normal to cough when you start on the e-cigarettes whether it is Smokor Vampire vape  or any other brand. The sensation of the vaping is different from what you get when you smoke. Majority of the smokers do cough at first time when they try vaping, and it is because of inhaling as if you are smoking a cigarette.

Vapor also tend to feel thicker as compared to smoke as you inhale it in and that could be the reason as to why you cough during the change of the sensation.  There are a variety of routes that you can take when it comes to e-liquid choice which can combat the coughing such as the nicotine salt. You should always remember that, any cough is just something temporal and it will definitely pass after a few days of starting to vape.

It is possible for your mouth to dry up

Apart from the mouth drying up, your throat and nose will also dry up. It is something that you should take as normal. There are four ingredients which are main in the e-liquid – but they will be three if you are going for a nicotine free one. It is some of these ingredients which happen to be hygroscopic and it is necessary that they have to draw water to them, getting it away from you. The more familiar you are with vaping, the less you will notice all these.

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