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Betting in bookmakers’ offices has become quite a popular activity among sports fans. The opportunity to get aesthetic pleasure from watching competitions in their favorite discipline and at the same time earn money attracts more and more people every year. Getting income from sports betting is very simple: a bettor places a bet and, if it is successful, makes a profit. However, in practice, everything is much more complicated.

Clients of betting companies will suffer serious financial losses in the long run if they do not analyze betting events and listen to the advice of professional bookmakers. By following the link Scores24.Live, new and experienced bettors will get all the help they need. Extensive archives of statistical data will help to make independent analyses of sports events. And predictions from betting professionals will replace long hours of analytics and watching matches.


Due to the fact that the Scores24 site is not overloaded with unnecessary information and has the simplest navigation, users will be able to find the video broadcast, statistical summary, or prediction for any sport. The section with tips from betting experts can be found in the portal header under the banner advertising bonus offers from bookmakers-partners of Scores24.

Let us take a soccer prediction as an example and look at how analysts study upcoming sports events and, as a result, determine the most probable outcome of a betting company’s action list. Any prediction consists of four tabs: Overview, Forecast, H2H, and Odds.


There is a link to the match broadcast at the top of the Overview tab. When the game takes place, there will be a recap video in place of the link featuring goals and the most interesting moments. Next, an expert gives a brief review of the history of head-to-head meetings with the dates and tournaments specified. The results and the total number of goals scored are also indicated.

Below users can find the best match odds offered by bookmakers for the most popular outcomes: the victory of one of the clubs, draws, and totals. There is a bet calculator beneath the odds. The bettor can enter there the par value of the bet and calculate the profit in case of victory.

Then the portal lists the results of the last matches of the teams in all tournaments, including European Cups and national championships. Under that, Scores24 offers to pay attention to other matches, which will take place within the framework of the championship users are interested in.


The prediction begins with a preview. The analyst tells where, when, and in which tournament the meeting will take place. Next, some points from the Overview tab are described in more detail, namely the history of head-to-head meetings and the latest results of the teams in all championships.

Then there is a promotion of bonuses for a particular game offered by betting companies with links to get them. Below the expert gives some interesting statistical summaries, which were partially used as a basis for the prediction. It may be a long goalless streak of one of the teams or a streak of away wins – all information that can have a direct or indirect impact on the outcome.

The website also features reviews for each club. It tells what was the path of the rivals to their head-to-head meeting, and what significant events have taken place in the recent past.

Another very useful thing in the Prediction tab is a comparison of the stats of the teams. Depending on the performance at home and away, the following statistics are calculated:

  • average total per match;
  • goals scored on average;
  • goals conceded on average;
  • goals scored and conceded;
  • goal scored every __ min;
  • goal conceded every __ min.

The tab ends with the prediction. There is no milk-and-water in it but the essence and facts in a short summary of 3-4 sentences. The author is not obliged to predict the winner of the match. The prediction may concern the number of successful actions for betting on the total, handicap, and other markers from the full event’s action line.

To get feedback the forecaster publishes a poll asking if the bet is successful.


Head to Head — in sports, this expression means the statistics of personal meetings. It is available in the previous tabs of the prediction, but the most detailed information is in the H2H. Besides the calculation of how many goals and in which tournaments the teams have scored each other previously, there are time periods with the highest number of effective actions. Also, totals are calculated on the basis of these game periods.


Having received a recommendation on what outcome to bet, you only need to go to the website of the bookmaker’s office and fill in a betting slip. The Odds tab features odds offered by Scores24 partner companies on the most popular markets:

  • a win for one of the teams or a draw;
  • total;
  • handicap;
  • exact score;
  • both to score;
  • double chance – the victory of the first team or draw, the victory of the second team or draw; the victory of one of the teams.

The portal also points out which bookmakers are giving out bonuses to bettors before the match of interest.

At the end of the tab, the most favorable odds for the most popular markets in other matches within the same tournament are offered.


Scores24 has many advantages. As to beginners in betting, the website helps them to manage their bankroll wisely and bet only on the most passable outcomes. The same benefit is gained by experienced bettors who can turn their time spent on the portal into a stable source of considerable earnings.

Having completed the registration and followed the Scores24 partnership agreement, anyone can try to be a forecaster. It is important to be realistic and not expect the mountain of gold on the first day of performing analysis. First, an expert earns experience and recognition from the betting community. Only after that one can expect to monetize skills as a forecaster.

The cherry on top is the fact that Scores24 enables users to dive into endless archives of statistical information, live broadcasts of matches, and predictions made by professionals absolutely free. And it can be done from both a desktop computer and a mobile device.

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