Factors to Consider when Choosing Pet Paintings


Getting custom pet portraits for your furry friends could have been your priority for a long time. You could have been wondering whether you should buy one from pet portrait artists or use the paint by numbers tool kit to paint your pet.

Though pet paintings are cheaper when done by oneself at home, getting the services of a professional could be a plus. By so doing, you will get a perfect portrait and better still learn in the process.

Below are some factors you would consider when choosing pet paintings:

Paint Medium Used

There are a number of paints used in making pet portraits. There is oil, Acrylic, Watercolor Painting or Pencil, Colored Pencil or Charcoal Sketches- based paints. You can choose either of them depending on the portrait you want. An oil painting would do if you are looking for a colored painting while charcoal sketch would work wonders if you’re looking for a sketch. The basic factor here is knowing the kind of pet paintings you want.

Your Pet Photos

It is good to ensure that your pet photos are clear. This can be achieved by zooming the image x2 to clarify the clarity of the pixels. Other than you clarifying the clarity of the photos, your painting service provider should be in a position to offer editing services, if need be. These could be; changing the photograph’s background, merging multiple characters, adding a name on the portrait, declutter and putting all the subjects under one frame.

The Size

Choosing the right size of your painting should be a well-thought of factor. You should start by deciding where you are going to hang the portrait. Then, measure the available space and move on to selecting the right size. There are different sizes available with the smallest being 8”x8” and the largest 24”x36”, depending on your service provider.

Finishing Options (Frames)

Most service providers offer different finishing options to their customers. There are three commonly available frame options that you could choose from. These include:

  • Gallery wrap- this is only possible for paintings with a canvas base- oil or Acrylic. A wooden frame is used, upon which the canvas is stretched, giving it a natural look that perfectly matches any wall. Once hanged on the wall, the frame is not visible as only the painting can be seen.
  • Rolled- you get a rolled frame when you select ‘no framing’ option. You can however frame the painting in the future in case you want to, from your local painting service provider.
  • Framed- a framed painting comes with the frame fixed on it. Unlike gallery wrap, the frame is visible in this. There are a variety of frame but you can opt for the classic black frame.


Pet paintings are an ideal way of decorating your walls, especially in the room where your pet spends most of his time. You can opt to paint one or go for the services of pet portrait artists.

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